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Friday, June 18, 2004

Back in London 2 weeks after the funeral. No time to say much. Grief hazed over by Spanish trip - beautiful Spain, full of wild flowers which we were assured were 'past their best' but even 'past their best' made our so brave, for our volcanic island so many - flowers seem so sparse and inadequate. Thistles, acquilegia, lavender, mallow, endless poppies, so lush, plentiful, long-legged; ah me. They too, seemingly, have had a lot of rain. And now it's back in London, confronting this and that admin problem. Another time I will write more about my aged dad - grief re-emerges with reconnection with his soil, his land -but no time now as I have to head for bus, beloved, Oxfordshire. Have succeeded - can blame grief, stress perhaps - in losing both English and Spanish mobiles - both probably nicked - first on airport on way back to Spain, second from handbag in Hammersmith - fat lot of use it will do thief - aged Alcatel, with no money in it and Spanish simcard - but theft also included beloved's passport. Oh dear. Granny has sorted this, but will involve lengthy session in Passport House next Wednesday - could do without this; seems it's the fate of grieving to confront such things.

Good things: reprochememt with politically deplorable elder brother - who thinks I am equally politically deplorable so that's alright - but he is the only brother I have, and older and more tolerant I'm glad of it.

Enough. Off. More anon. xxx grannyp

Friday, June 04, 2004

Sussex. Funeral day. Brother off at yet another airport - death these days seems to involve a lot of those...no time now. Deepest Sussex - June day, sun, flowers, grief. Family - granny feels like the cuckoo in the nest, but so does everyone in these circumstances, I guess. Enough. Beloved is disposed in house in Spain, orange grove and swimming-pool in front... vociferous donkey behind... Not like here. Flowers sprayed, clothes ironed, coffee drunk. What else? A coffin!...Till tomorrow, Granny P

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