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Saturday, April 10, 2004

I had my purse stolen today in a supermarket in the Canary Islands. Bag containing purse well hidden under heaps of healthy vegetables, etc, etc in my trolley. Thief removed entire trolley while I was bent over ice-cream cabinet, looking, reluctantly for unhealthy lollies for visiting grand-daughters - he/she then decamped with to wine section, rummaged underneath and removed my equally unhealthy but more valuable lolly. Trolley veggies etc and bag found there between red wine and white - but no money, no cards. Bugger bugger bugger. (Grannies can swear like anyone else.) Anyway: this triggered this: a blog. Plus statistic in last Sundays Observer that 91% of bloggers under 31. (Obviously I'm not.) Plus birth of my dead twin sister's first grandchild. An emotional moment. Plus April plus burgeoning of midget figs on enthusiastic fig trees on our land, plus depredations of large crab currently residing in large fish tank in the kitchen. (More of this another time. Warnings to hermit crabs, included....) PLus Icy wind today. Sun. And a bulldozer on our land all day shifting stones. It's all go here. Sign off. Hullo, goodbye, goodnight. Bedtime reading lies ahead. (The junior sort.) love to everyone. Granny P. ( xxxx

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