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Monday, July 05, 2004

The horror, the horror...home again on our island. List: a plague of cockroaches in the white room, electricity shorting owing, it turns out, to the old dishwasher packing up, meantime we were in the dark, everything going mouldy - eg my shorter Oxford dictionary - and half the keys on this machine aren't functioning properly, beloved didn't empty fridge before leaving so it all stinks....it's cloudy, windy, trade wind weather, haven't dared look at figs yet.. let's RUN back to London. Only good thing, sort of, is that 500 euros lost by Beloved turns out to be locked in his computer case...

Beloved's beloved daughter here - last night we were talking about my twin's sister's kids whom she knew and their family story - not such a nice one after their mother died; went to bed upset and couldn't sleep.

Animals back and creating...


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