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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Granny's plane a bit later than she thought. Time for one last mini-blog, amid all the things she hopes she hasn't forgotten. Sun across the landscape. Her land still in shadow. Across it from the far side her orange cat wends his way to breakfast. Almost all of the land green now. Granny, despite longing for London, leaves it regretfully - she always does. A sense of exile either way. She doesn't mind - wouldn't be much use if she did, would it? Mixed feelings, she thinks, are the productive ones.

One last lot of chestnuts to shell for Beloved and Beloved's Beloved Daughter's Christmas. OVER AND OUT

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard here in Berkeley to Granny, I presume in London. Love your ongoing outpourings of thoughts, insights, plaints, observations, enthrallments (a word not unlike "beenness"). Although, as I mentioned earlier the experience of reading your blog is a little like having a priveleged peek at your knickers -- with you in them. I feel honored. Christmas, New Years and all have psssed us by and now it's on to 2005 with whatever that will hold for us. Greg is still doing pretty well physically (only his speech is affected thus far). A friend of his took him to Hawaii for a few days last week. He had airline miles and Greg has never been to Hawaii, so it was a win-win all around. He reports that he had a great time. Just wanted to say hello and happy new year. Blog on! Dick

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