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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Granny far from recumbant

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Granny is busy trying to turn current shit heap known as her house, into lickitty split, shiny clean casa rurale for guests due to arrive on Thursday. This includes, among other things, trying to house in other than room now designated as guest bedroom about 20 (no exaggeration) bags, big ones little ones medium size ones that Beloved seems to regard as essential to his life (It's one reason he can never find anything. Injured tone: 'I put it away of course. In my bag!' 'Which bag?' 'I've no idea.' Quite.)

'I've left them 3 drawers. Surely that's enough?'

'No, Beloved, it isn't.'

(Guest coming to equivalent of small hotel and paying for it, does not expect to have to dispose of their gear amid drawers stuffed with sundry office accoutrement- in triplicate -and more drawers full of spare paper, files etc -also in triplicate- Let alone 20 bags.) GROAN.

'Beloved why do we need three packs of (eg) computer paper? '

'For emergencies, of course. In case we run out.'.. (Ask a silly question....)

Granny has discovered that best method is to wait till Beloved goes out then remove everything. It is done. But is just one of many tasks. Not she least she is doing the cooking for the next two nights, so she can be certain of meals requiring the dirtying of one saucepan/frying pan/casserole rather than the entire (ENTIRE) complement of the kitchen. (Or thereabouts.) So for the moment friends, family, whoever, will have to content themselves with photo of (more or less) recumbant Beautiful Wimp and Tiresome Terrier. Recumbant Granny isn't. Let alone an active Blogger. Back soon.

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Anonymous Omykiss said...

Are all men hoarders? Luckily we have a double garage that only houses one car. The garage is full of things that might come in useful. The other car is in the car port! Men, don't we just love them?

1:47 am  
Anonymous Bob said...

When my dad died I cleaned out his apartment and car. He had more "spare" plastic bags and plastic bags filled with "stuff" than you can imagine.

9:00 pm  
Anonymous franchini said...

Hi GrannyP. There's nothing like guests due any minute to stimulate a tidy-up. I quite often wait until everyone has gone out and then walk round the house with a bin bag. It's very satisfying. I live with a "throw nothing" husband and 3 children who seem to generate stuff wherever they go.

2:24 pm  
Blogger granny p said...

Thanks everyone - and welcome Franchini. Sorry I've been so slow to respond, but have been too busy playing pro mine hostess this week to look at anything let alone blog! Wish Beloved's bags were plastic Bob - I could throw them away - his are leather, mostly...brief cases, things like that. As for men being hoarders: yes -I can't entirely say women -eg this one -are wholly guiltless. But it helps having been forced to downsize. Books are our chief problem...throw away books? Oh dear no (if you do, the one you throw is always the very one you want the next week...

12:10 pm  
Blogger Deirdre said...

Those dogs are so damn cute!

Hope all is well.

1:56 pm  
Blogger granny p said...

Cute - cuter than cute. (Except when stealing Feline Houdini's food, eating stone curlews, digging up neighbours' crops, chasing other neighbours' bicycles..

2:34 pm  
Blogger Deirdre said...

I bet they're too polite to roll in cow manure... What a joy that is to clean up! (The dogs I look after are monsters, monsters!)

10:10 am  
Blogger granny p said...

No - they just roll in dead goats, rats, cats, no matter. Tiresome Terrier has also just eaten a large gecko, a special creature Granny rather prefers just now to TT. (Oh and the Wimp bit a guest - entirely by accident, but still unfortunate.)

5:54 pm  

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