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Monday, April 11, 2005

More geeky stuff

Family now gone. Boo hoo. Granny celebrates by working on template - she has managed to add her links... whoopee. She has, however, entirely failed to reinstate all previous comments, despite detailed assistance from her blogging friend Deirdre. She will have another go tomorrow.

She is not aided in her work 1) by Feline Houdini's continual attempts to sit on her keyboard, 2)by Blogger still refusing to reveal itself on her usual laptop with its nice large screen - its Geeks have solved the SSL problem, evidently it is not that - though it may be another problem they are currently having with some servers; this they haven't solved; nor have they come up with any alterative ideas, despite Granny's pleas. She is having to work on a mini travelling laptop, which is giving her eye ache, back ache and finger ache. Ouch.

Beloved Granddaughter ate but a mouthful of the fish and the spinach she and Beloved cooked. She was pleased with herself just the same and served it all up very nicely. She announced that she too now has a blog - how much she will write in it who knows -but feel free to comment ...

Tomorrow,maybe, Granny will get back to some serious blogging. Otherwise known as writing.

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