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Monday, July 11, 2005


Wow! Blogger has new facility which enables you to add pictures without going near Flickr or anything else. It works! It also wipes the pictures if you are not very careful. Granny did have two up here but can't be bothered to put the lost one back. Anyway this will do - it brings the message..... Behold, Colin and Cora, enclosed in chicken wire. And yes, THE FIRST EGGS HAVE BEEN LAID. Beloved brought in 3 on Saturday! The layers won't have included Colin unless he's some kind of mutant. On the other hand they could have included Cora - she, Cassie and Caron have the biggest combs so far. Granny and Beloved ate the eggs for Sunday breakfast.

Yum yum yum.

On sadder note. TV picture that persists in G's head from Thursday is helmeted, overall-clad policeman being pulled along by eager little black sniffer dog. Useful but unaware.

Also if you want effective rage read another Londoner in exile Vit... and Londoner in situ Anna.

That's enough.

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