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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sugar Plum Fairies

Almost DDay but not quite. Granny will NOW tell you what's to live for. For autumn - English style - for the first time in 3 years; sun, slightly crisp feel to the air, leaves not quite turned, but starting. (We won't mention the traffic jams..) Oh and sight of youngest granddaughter aged 4 in black velvet cat suit, with tail, and her dad, in jeans, etc, jointly dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy. (We won't mention Jingle Bells played loudly, many times on the electronic keyboard thereafter. Let alone Granny's struggles with her iPod which persists in jumbling her music up; on the whole she doesn't want second movement of one quartet played ahead of first movement of piano sonata; let alone an opera played back to front. Oh dear.) But the Sugar Plum Fairies both? NOW THAT IS LIFE. She loves it. Forget tomorrow, let alone the day after. Those will pass.

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