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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dog in the Manger

Well here it is, as promised. Dog in question is the TT. Otherwise known as the Tiresome Terrier. Beautiful Wimp would not oblige.

Now a geek question. After directing people to earlier - archive - pictures on her last post, it occurs to Granny it might be useful to group posts within her archives according to theme, the way she's seen other people do. But how? Asking Blogger gave her no answer she knew how to deal with. Further problem is that though posts since she began are all archived alongside her blog, the only ones that come up on her index are those posted since she acquired her MAC in May last year. Any ideas anyone? Without blinding her with technology? She is NOT good at putting this tag in/out, etc. Fiddling with her template, she can manage to add and subtract stuff from her blogroll, just about, but that's it! Blame her age! She does...

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