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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eeeny meeny miny mo

Granny remains in a wet and windy England. Riding down to Bristol on a bus yesterday, looking out at the lyrical, sexy, outrageous green of everything now, in May, made her think that much as she always loved it, she could never have appreciated just how lyrical, sexy, outrageous etc it is if she hadn't exiled herself lately to her dry dry island.

Enough for now. And she's in a hurry; it's eldest granddaughter's 10th birthday today. So just one more brief thing. She spent the two days before coming west recuperating from her very minor surgery with beloved younger friend, in what used to be her own house. (Another story.) And wants briefly to recount a conversation with the BYF's younger daughter, aged 5. Recounting cute comments of her surrogate or real grandchildren is not her thing, generally. But she cannot resist this.

She was baby sitting and seeing the 5 year old and her 9 year old sister into bed.

Five year old, climbing into her bunk. 'I want to ask you a question, P. If you had two daughters and were told you had to kill one of them, which would you choose?'

Startled Granny: 'I don't think that would ever happen.'

'But suppose it did. Suppose you had to? How would you choose? Supposing one was eight, and the other one five?'

'I couldn't choose. I'd love both of them too much. I'd have to do eeny meeny miny mo.'

This wasn't good enough. 'But don't you think that you'd have to choose the older one, because she'd lived longer, so it would be fairer?'


Didn't Granny say in a previous post something about the grown-up stuff being for children now? This one had it all worked out.

Oh and PS. Granny alongside eldest granddaughter watched Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in many years, surprised to find how much of middle and eastern Europe appears to have started speaking in American English. (Or anyway, singing in it.) And did she imagine it, or did the Russian entry actually have two Swan Lake dancers in the background? And was that really a corpse appearing out of the grand piano? Or is she just getting old?

She and the granddaughter watched Young Musician of the Year before that. And Doctor Who. It's called being eclectic. Or maybe just cross-cultural.

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