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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kiss and make up

To cheer herself up today while eating breakfast, Granny snatched up tatty copy of Penguin edition of Katherine Mansfield's letters and Journals. KM is one of Granny's heroines, always has been. At a time when slaughter in Pennsylvania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, jumps out at her from every form of media, she reads this; KM talking writing two days after the armistice, following World War One.

"I heard the drunks passing the house... singing the good old pre-war drunken rubbish. I felt cold with horror. They are not changed. ....

My baby longing for people to 'kiss and be friends.' -

How horrid they are not to - Why don't they fly at each other, kiss and cry and share everything. One feels that about nations - but alas! about individuals too."

Not baby longing at all. Just right, really. But there you go. Kiss and be friends, everyone, PLEASE. Now, yesterday and tomorrow.

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