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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yellow eyes

A brief update. The (four letter word in triplicate +ing - or some politer alternative given her - decorous?- old age) goats have arrived. Two of them, both nannies -at least Granny is spared Billy Goat Gruff; one nanny is in kid; this is SUPPOSED to be an advantage.

Perhaps you out there would like to think of appropriate names? Bearing in mind her view of the newcomers. Which she doesn't have to spell out. Even if Komodo dragons do - according to yesterday's press - she doesn't think goats go in for Virgin Births. Just as well. Ritual Slaughter, then? Ah, now that's a thought. Only question is: of what? Or of whom?

She will be back, in a week or so, after the festival so-called. Happy Christmas everyone.


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