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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Granny is sad today. Via a comment on her final blog post, she has heard that the wonderful Dina Rabinovich who has been fighting so publicly and bravely against breast cancer died last night.

She had among other things set up an appeal to raise £100,000 towards a special breast cancer unit at Mount Vernon Hospital and had succeeded in getting nearly £68,000 already. The best possible memorial towards her would be if we managed between us to raise that final thirty odd thousand pounds so as to reach her target. If you want to donate go here. If you want to visit her blog click the link 'Dina's blog' to your right. And if you would publicise the appeal on your own blogs that would be more wonderful still.

Granny never met Dina, alas, though there had been plans for them to do so which came to nothing because of her illness. But Dina was the most generous and good of virtual friends and she is going to miss her a lot. Be generous. Please.

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