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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sorry everyone: granny has been busy....today has met writing friend, had hair cut (and coloured, whisper whisper - she doesn't do grey, no she doesn't) then spent long afternoon with ex-publisher turned freelance editor who is doing work on Going Mental for her: meaning she - Granny will be doing a great deal more work, most of which means cut cut cut, chop, chop, chop. This she doesn't mind - slicing away large amounts of her own redundant prose always does give her pleasure - not even masochistic pleasure - like cutting butter with a knife. NO PROBLEM. Just lots more work.

On Friday she returns to her island, but will have to be back on Britain almost within the month, to see sick friend, going via her older, now sick brother who lives - inconveniently -for her - near Marbella. He has just been diagnosed as very sick. He and Granny have never been close - if brother wasn't sick he would be playing golf/bridge or hanging out round his expat complex pool bar with his expat - and Tory -buddies; you can see maybe why he and Granny are not best mates. But he is her brother, after all, bearer not only of her genes but of her family history, she would much rather that he was happily out there doing these things rather than lying in a hospital bed contemplating nasty treatments and a drastically reduced life-span. Will all this sickness never stop? Probably not at her age.

Anyway this evening she is off for an Indian with an old friend whom she hasn't seen for a long time now - and on Friday she will be back home with Beloved and his goats, trolling down to the coast most days with her dog to catch up on birds. Better than hospitals for sure.

See you there.

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