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Sunday, August 24, 2008

robot reading

In the light of curiosity about Beloved's robot, here it is. A literate robot, as you can see: unlike its inventor, though, it is programmed to avoid all obstacles as it runs around. Human bookworms like Granny - she has been known to collide with the odd lamp-post while immersed in a book - could do with having this robot's chip inserted into their brains. Some hope...

(The head, in case, you're interested, is Indian, a much-loved present to Granny from an old friend, years ago. He travelled to Edinburgh and back and is about to travel to Liverpool for another book fest. Stern warnings have been issued. If he got broken, not much might be left of Beloved either.... Oh: and the book he is reading is Beloved's magnum opus, reason for all the fuss.)

PS. Granny has just been watching the Olympic handover..... Boris Johnson, amid all his other disadvantages, turns out to have KNOCK KNEES!

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