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Friday, August 07, 2009

Family Holiday

Well it went as these things always go. One parent got sick the day after arriving, the other the day before leaving. The two stepdaughters (10 and 12) fought endlessly. The baby has developed a mind of her own, part of which involved crying 'mummy' piteously sometimes when left with her ungranny - otherwise known as Grannyp. The two new cats yowled unceasingly, the two new goats bleated, ditto. The first week was intolerably hot, the second too cloudy, the wind never stopped blowing any more than Grannyp and Beloved ever stopped cooking- or in Grannyp's case child-minding. They are now EXHAUSTED.

In spite of which it was all WONDERFUL. Of course.

And now Granny is missing the thieves of herself like crazy; even though her house has today returned to normal and she's got her head and body back - why do they always go AWOL at such times, during such visits? -she more than half wishes they hadn't been returned to her, that the robbers were here still: but they aren't.

Hullo head. Hullo body. Hullo mind. Goodbye everyone else: goodbye Beloved Baby - turned little person these days - especially.

Hullo door-left open freezer breeding icicles - hullo strange things lurking within de-frosting freezer which have to be dealt with... real life has reappeared with a vengeance, the way it does.

(New cats? New goats? She'll get back to them next post.)

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