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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Grannyp's been doing what grannies do....cooking, writing, entertaining grandchildren and equally her beloved - oh yes grannies have beloveds and do with them what 20 -30-40-50 year olds do with theirs. Whoopee. Except that in Canarian house made of lava stone with coming and going families we have to keep moving beds. I walked up a volcanic crater one fine day and got sore feet. Today it rained - very cosy in a warm place, we lit fires and sat round them and read, just like England. Then I picked flowers from our land with eldest grand-daughter (others now home, alas) and sat trying to identify them while she pressed some of them in a encyclopedia - on top of which we both sat to help the process along. Am reading most unsuitable book, Philip Roth's Sabbath's Theater - a kind of porno King Lear, all love and aging and death. Wonderful. Getting old is more interesting than youth I decide, if much less comfortable. Beloved is behind me - I work in the kitchen - making saffron chicken - (selecting a beloved for cooking skills has its points - not that he hasn't many others.. see above) Old men get hairs in their noses - old women don't but have other drawbacks. But desire remains. And all that experience enlivens.

My orange cat sat among the daisies and then went mad. My granddaughter gloried in the waxy indecently large and orange flowers on the prickly pear - so did her grandmother. Life in moments can seem good.

Back to filling in insurance forms. Good evening. Good night. xxxx

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