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Monday, May 17, 2004

Just burned a batch of dried apricots ready to bottle for future guests' breakfasts. Bugger it. In middle of stoning a whole lot of fresh apricots to make jam, a tedious process so I turn to this for a break. Report of maize harvesting next door not complete - two of the men were wheeling cobs in barrows and packing them in commercial boxes, supervised by a third. Obviously old man has deal with supermarkets.

Social weekend. Birthday party for half Brazilian two year old, granddaughter of Aurora, the one whose husband gave her six children then disappeared to have six more with another woman in Gran Canaria. Mixed nationalities - two German women, one depressed and apologetic, one chirpy. Brazilian music on CDs supplied by black Brazilian dad. Much dancing by other Brazilians plus Aurora plus me, "las abuelas bailandas". Fun. Only kind of party I enjoy.... Especially when it's a barbecue with much pork which I don't/can't eat.

Beloved cooking all weekend for lunch with bottle blond M and husband. Made harissa - with hot chillis which stayed on hands a long time despite Lady Macbeth-worthy scrubbing. Not good for his mucus membranes let alone other people's...

Weather not typical trade wind stuff. More to the North, and slated to diminish over next two days. Yesterday gloomy. Better - a bit better today. Less windy. Locals say weird weather - much rain etc, erratic trade winds - occurs every 12 years or so. It's wonderful in UK. Of course. Looks like there might be some sun now. Good.

Beloved and brother-in-law actually communicating over long-term plans for attic woman. Attrition by non-communicating lawyers, English and Spanish, works wonders...

Handsome Blackburn planting peppers etc. Replanted cabbages look sorry for themselves so have clearly had it, but we avoid the contentious subjetc. Beloved off, trying to dig info out of attic woman's doctor, using letter in bad Spanish supplied by me: Daniel Barenboim playing Beethoven on Radio Clasica.

Oh the riotous nature of life on the Farm. Grannyp

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