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Monday, May 03, 2004

Yesterday - Sunday - we were woken by rain dripping on our heads from a skylight. Furious wind and rain - later cleared, was sunnyish but windy windy windy. Cat caught a mouse, spectacularly, by jumping from floor to dresser and landing straight on it. Then let it go. I encourage lizards to escape; mice no. Beloved became tetchy because of my observations about what it feels to hit the limits of islands - the sea, distance, a gateway and a barrier all at once. Said I was restless. Think it's just he fears I might I want to run away. I don't. Itchy traveller's feet is something else. I've always had those. But, mostly - as now - I love coming home. That's part of the pleasure.

Mayday fiesta on Saturday, a totally clear sunny day. All the locals out.

It feels cold and windy now.

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