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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Did I say it was blowing? OK then. Today it is BLOWING. (ie over 30mph) and scheduled to go on doing so ad infinitum (or as far as the 5 day forecasts go.) Window in front of me rattles and bangs. 0nly comfort is that it's worse elsewhere... nearer 40mph in Gran Canaria - and wet as well in London and UK generally. K, Beloved's daughter whose holiday this in between visiting her sad mother, is fed up. Me I huddle indoors - and have to no option but to get to work. So far all I do is put ISP on new computer, old one temporarily sick. All files, luckily, on a Dysgo and transferable to this. The wonders of technology.

Another cockroach seen. Handsome wants us to have total definfestation at 140 euros, but it seems excessive given that the bloody things only seem to emanate from one source. Beloved and I to discuss matters later.

Granny, as can be gathered, generally gloomy - usual process of re-entry anyway; wind etc makes it worse. Recourse to endless copies of TLS and Giardian Weekly, arrived during absence doesn't help much. Would go to bed with thrillers if I had them but I don't. Mostly more improving stuff. Yoicks.

Some sun coming our way, from sea over stone walls, fields. Doubt it'll stay long. Grapes will be ripe soon. Vines and figtrees have green leaves still. Not much else.

At least window in our bathroom upstairs has stopped enitting banshee whistle, thanks to Beloved's ingeniousness. He can't do anything about the bangs and crashes elsewhere. All wind-proofing that can be done is done.

Better venture outside briefly. Granny P

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