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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

No water! (But it came back.) Our dry island.....

Dolores. Fiesta wasn't doleful, ending with fireworks - golden showers making palm trees in the sky to match the ones all over the land, leaving behind that lovely clean-shit/sulphur smell and smoke lingering everywhere in the lights of the streets, as we walked back home in the dark. Roads for two days full of trucks bearing off fairground equipment, stalls etc. More doleful has been 4 days wrestling with technology - ie new fax - trying to connect it to computer, use it, etc. Only half successfully.

More doleful still, obviously, have been Mrs H's marital problems. Our fiesta party was less than should have been - half the Handsomes' community seems to be having marital problems too so didn't turn up. While Mrs H was endlessly on phone to Blackburn - to Mrs H's possible squeeze - who claimed she was in bath with her younger lover - to her daughter etc, etc. Various women including granny kept on disappearing to comfort her. And the two children present listened big-eared and tried to work out what was going on. They weren't told. Half the party (including Granny) didn't fancy Beloved's liver. Her black bean chile went down better. (Ssh.)

Weather shifted from mild rain on Saturday morning, to near calima yesterday and back again. Calm warm nights. Heavy dew sometimes. Island full of Spanish and Canarians come for fiesta and making a week of it. The surfing beach below the Farmara cliffs was fuller than we'd ever seen it. (Tide high for equinox came in and caught our clothes when we tried bathing yesterday.) Beloved exhausted, as is granny after day 1) propping up Mrs Handsome -she's probably going to disappear for a bit before Mr H reappears. giving him a shock - 2) making inventory for now let apartment and 3) (+ Mrs H) taking tearful attic woman out to lunch: she'd expected Beloved. 'I want to go home...' she kept saying. Meaning home with him. Sad sad sad.

Flies back. Cat covered in some inexplicable gunge. This has to be dealt with. Scissors: I think.

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