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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Craftywork etc. The Dolores fiesta 'Feria Artesania' up at Mancha Blanca, opened last night; crowded jollity- local musicians in costume, plus instruments, other locals eating nasty-smelling fish off paper plates; and endless stalls selling Canarian costumes for senores y senoras both. All exhibitors have to come from the Canarian y Islands, despite which many of the purveyors of other local goodies - herbal soaps, pottery, jewelry etc appear to be German. Camera crews from local television are interviewing someone whom Beloved declares must be be a local politician 'because he's all polished-looking; like a wind-up toy.'

They buy 1. A small Canarian doll for eldest granddaughter. 2. ******* for Beloved Daughter (in case she reads this). 3. Minorcan cheese in olive oil for themselves - and in honour of Granny's great great great Minorcan grandmother. (Minorca is not one of the Canary Islands, but never mind.) 5. Different kind of fig jam from granny's - claiming to be 'con leche' - for guests. 5. Large amounts of prettily wrapped but expensive soap - made by Germans of course - for all those people for whom impromptu Christmas presents needed. (Let's hope they don't disappear betweenwhiles; it happens.) Beloved contemplates some lethal-looking knives for butchering his pig, but decides to return later when he's learned the Spanish for 'stainless steel.' (Potentially rusting knives to be avoided.)

Wind and sun. Grannyp

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