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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Who's interested in grannies? 'Ask my readers,' says Blogger Home. What readers?

Sun wind hot again. Realise that in England it's getting cooler, winter claws are sneaking out. This is when exile feels easiest, sneaking round in shorts still and sunglasses.

Yesterday Granny did what what grannies are supposed to do; made a cake. A sensuous cake. The smell of the ingredients; cardomum, lemon rind, lemon juice; ground up walnuts and almonds - let alone the smell of its cooking- filled her with longing, even ecstasy. Sensuous eating ought to be avoided, of course. Though she did not manage that entirely, trying some before cutting it up for next week's guests, granny's new exercise regime - stretches in bathroom, power walk round land, before breakfast - added to usual swim should help mitigate some of the effects. Cake now in freezer - just as well for shape of Granny's bum. (Already generous would be the kindest way of putting it.) xxx

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