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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Calima is here. Yellow haze almost hides volcanoes. The dry wind bangs the roof - you can see it dessicating the plants, feel it dessicating your skin. Granny's mild disaffection made more severe on returning from swimming and looking into fridge for cake to defrost - Handsome is coming to dinner tonight. He likes cake. Fridge unfortunately was unplugged after last week's electricity problem and not plugged back. Cakes all mouldy. More will have to be made for visitors in two weeks time. Jam not obviously affected but granny hasn't dared take too close a look. Beloved is in the doghouse, but refuses to accept all responsibility and has gone off in a huff. Cat is being more friendly, sitting by computer. (He was out all last night, obviously exhausted himself under the full moon and has slept all day. Just as well since he couldn't be allowed out anyway because of the hunters.)

Off to bake apples and make rosemary potatoes for Handsome's dinner. Beloved is cooking pork - afelia - which granny can't eat. It's HOT.

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