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Friday, December 03, 2004

A heron flew over

Yes: close down over this house - granny's and beloved's house - on their desert island, around lunchtime yesterday, as it was beginning to rain. It made Granny's day. What strange things can lift you - equally strange can knock you down. (Like mysterious disappearance of ancient but much loved brown shoes from Hobbes. How can they disappear? - only two or three places where they could be. They aren't there!!!)

From distance, land looks arid as ever. Close up little miraculous green shoots and leaves are coming. Miracle of a dry land. Snails know it; they are appearing from nowhere, stuck to walls and fences.

Actionman has done his job. His dog tried to savage granny in her own house. His wife brought a Christmas present - some kind of aromatic oil in a bag with a Father Christmas on it. Christmas??? What's that???
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Blogger Deirdre said...

Love that picture! The amazing impact of photos: you could've spent a whole page describing that scene and I'd be imagining something based only on what I already know and can visualise. A photo, though, says: Look! Here! Now! This!

That hill looks like it escaped from Scotland. How strange. All these echoes from one place to another.

12:04 pm  
Blogger granny p said...

A friend of mine came here and said: it's like a hot Scotland. So yes! The Atlantic echoes too.

9:36 pm  

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