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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bloggers unite

More marmalade calls - no time to post now. This is just to add Granny's voice to the outrage about Mojtaba and Arash, the jailed Iranian bloggers. (Lacking an inner geek she hasn't managed to work out how to head this post with the banner calling for it. However if you click the title above, you will be taken straight to the Committee to Protect Bloggers site, which explains the present campaign to free them. She can say what she likes about local political crooks on her island. So should they be able to. We all need our Rory Bremners too. (Hate to think what would happen to him in a country like Iran. He couldn't do what he does on US TV either. Bush and VILE Rupert Murdoch* have got it all sewn up.)

*The late great lamented Dennis Potter called him 'a cancer.' Quite right too. He's an ayatollah, too, of a different kind.

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