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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Irrelevant boxes

Hullo friends... Granny is back- plus picture of wholly irrelevent boxes just to show she can (partially) manage recently accquired digi camera.

Sun is out - wind freezing. Locals' idea of effects of global warning on the island is much hotter summers, much colder winters. True. Latter can be trying as most people's heating is not adequate - Granny and Beloved's wonderful stove for instance is only lit at night. London was colder outside and much warmer in. Beautiful Wimp and Tiresome Terrier pleased to see her - they caught a rabbit in her absence - amazing - even if it was by all accounts a very young rabbit, and its capture certainly pure fluke. It went in the pot at once. Feline Houdini has not yet caught a mouse.

So Granny has her camera and Beloved his handheld computer chess - something Granny recommends to all wives/partners of chessplaying and retired husbands.....now she's left to read in peace more or less - if chess game sounds much like demented chipmonk (it does) so what?

This will not be a long blog. No travelogue - yet! (threat?) A stack of people descend - Beloved's son for one, come to visit Attic Woman and not wholly sure about Granny. Who has soothed herself with the smells of cardomum and lemon making a large cake; and will in due course attend to the 4 and a half kilos of Seville oranges she has lugged back from England - ironic that; all having come originally from Andalucia. It's marmalade time. The only kind she rates is very dark and bitter and made by noone else. so she either has to go marmaladeless or make her own. She makes it.

Flowers are out. Islands clear. Book is sitting with agent, whose marital problems may militate against early reading - never mind. At her age Granny is still impatient but better (a little) at living with that.

Cake has turned out beautifully; then fallen off its rack and broken in pieces....SOD IT.

Hullo everyone. And goodbye for now.

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