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Friday, March 18, 2005

More statistics

Still shattered grannies: 1
Still shattered beloveds:1
Still non-functioning dishwashers: 1
Number of linen washes done: 3
Quantity of Saharan haze outside: (How many grains of sand in beach? Let alone sky?) 1 or uncountable
Number of such hazes in one week: 2 (quite out of order)
Number of volcanoes currently visible (out of usual 10 or so): 0
Hot Wind speed: 25 mph approx
Air temperature: 28 C at lunchtime.
Cyclists still on island: see uncountable grains of sand, above.
Tourists arriving for Easter: also see above.
Geckos caught by Terrible Terrier: 2
Meals cooked by Granny since yesterday: 0
No of meals she proposes to cook this weekend: 0
Some cheap music? TV? instead.
Number of non-functioning CD players: 1
Number of functioning CD players: 0
Number of episodes of Friends on TV tonight: 2
Number of episodes of Simpsons on TV tonight: 2

Nowhere to go. Good afternoon everyone. Practically Goodnight.

2 Old comments:

Blogger Mark Gamon said...

TWO episodes of the Simpsons? You're in heaven!

Unless, of course, they're dubbed in Spanish...

12:31 pm  
Blogger granny p said...

No - but they might as well be - my Mr Rochester can't comprehend that a cartoon can be CULTURE - so short of a fight every Friday night I keep it to when he's elsewhere! -(trials of matrimony,,,)

7:57 pm  

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