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Monday, July 18, 2005

Dead politics

If you're a politician longing for everyone to love you: here's how. HAVE A BABY. Better still - effect lasts longer -DIE.

Look at what even his arch enemy, M.Thatcher, is saying about Ted Heath. Hard to remember - for those of us old enough to - how we jeered at his pronouncements during the three day week.

Come to think of it; a third option - which Ted adopted much sooner - is to get an M.Thatcher or a Dubya to succeed you. That certainly improves your reputation, even if it's small comfort to the rest of us.

Talking of which the Chatham House Report is saying it publically - at last. Granny especially likes bit about Britain 'riding pillion' with the USA. Can't you just imagine Tony, arms round Dubya, helmeted head laid fondly on his back, as they scorch up Route 66 - Bob Dylan on soundtrack. Yeah yeah yeah.

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