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Friday, September 30, 2005


Granny is pigging on apples. Whatever else can be said for or against the British - especially the English - they do know about apples. Even if Tesco etc are doing their best to erradicate the oddities you can still buy good apples here of all kinds. Not so anywhere in Europe, let alone the US, let alone the Canaries. Granny's enforced stay in London is at least allowing her those. (And an Eve too. But that's another story.)

As for serpents.... The good news is that not a one now lurks in Granny's breast. She's CLEAR!! And the expelled one wasn't the vicious kind that got her twin. The more tiresome news is that expelled demon was also not one whose return can be prevented by pill taken at home. (Ie to those who understand these things it was not oestrogen positive.) Means she has to have chemo - which means London. Plus being not just one tit but also hairless Granny. Pity. Luckily dramatic hats suit her. It also means she's less Granny_es than Granny_uk for the foreseeable future. All you poor people will have to do without those lyrical descriptions of volcanoes. (Assuming there ever were any.) BORING, anyway. Though Granny was glad to meet her BRCA1 friend from the ward and hear that she too was clear. It seems as good an omen as any. Meantime; Australia, on 19th October: here she comes.

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