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Sunday, November 27, 2005

3 (possibly) blind (unlikely) mice (certainly)

Trawling last night through the piles of Guardian Weeklies that turned up during her long absence from home, Granny found this.

So mice are not only pretty and furry, not only charming, they are romantic and musical creatures to boot. Shades of Rigoletto's duke, not to mention Mick Jagger.... And Granny employs Feline Houdini to slay them. Shame on her. On the other hand, one reason she does so is is the effectiveness of such musical wooing; to judge from their squillions of progeny - many of them ending up in Granny's kitchen -the conquests of male mice are prodigious as the Duke's and Mick's. Hence the need for the hunting skills of FH. Is this yet another case of 'blame the victim'? Possibly.

Equally, if she informs the Thin German Cosmetic Masseuse of the musical mice might it alleviate her horror of them? She can live in hope.

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