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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

off downunder

No time. No post. Well, only a tiny one. Granny is about to abandon lovely English autumn and London for first Sydney, then the Barrier Reef. Maybe she'll find an internet cafe there. Maybe she won't. But, for sure, it will be better than the Royal Marsden Hospital, all ways round.

She will leave you with this piece of childcare advice, courtesy psychiatrist friend's son. She and Granny went round to see him over the weekend. He was in sole charge of his two small sons - 5 and 3 - over lunch. The youngest answered the door; stark naked. The elder was sitting at the table, over a plate of spaghetti, also stark naked.

'I always take their clothes off when I'm looking after them,' explained psychiatrist friend's son. 'Children are much less trouble to wash.

(Shame he didn't follow suit, thought Granny. He's a rather handsome young man. Think Hugh Grant; but better.)

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