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Friday, December 09, 2005

One Daisy growing

Strange life. Who could ever believe that Granny and Beloved would be seen chez vet with sick chicken in a cat basket? But for bird flu most likely they would not have been. Daisy did not after all fall off her perch. On instructions of vet they took her in to see him. He had never had a chicken as a patient before - laughing, he seemed to think it made a change amid the cats and dogs, parrots and budgerigars. Daisy almost certainly is the only chicken to appear on his computer database. (Species:Gallina. Edad: 9 months. Nombre: Daisy.) Would they ring him on Saturday to tell him of her progress, nice vet urged them.

Contrary to Beloved's dismissal of this theory, Granny's idea of post hurricane trauma syndrome was not so far out. The whole island is full of freaked-out chicken it appears. Dora and Daisy most likely took an infection following the stress. Dora obviously the worse effected; MUERTO. Daisy given an antibiotic and bland food in a tin is still very much with us. Her owners received instructions to keep her warm and isolated. For the past two nights she has taken over Granny's office by night, sunniest part of patios by day. Only problem is Tiresome Terrier and Feline Houdini home in on her bland food, and have to be kept in. Daisy herself struts around and looks perfectly happy. She even does her pullet not quite cluck in response when spoken to. She is - in Granny's eyes - a very special hen.. Even Beloved remembers her name sometimes. Her speckled feathers are soft soft soft.

Damien/Daphne meanwhile continues to flourish, waggling his/her bottom like a hen, clucking like a hen, with crest, wattles and hackles like a cockerel. There is a word Granny has in the back of her head; 'epicene' - faintly disgusing somehow. But when she looks it up it is without any moral or aesthetic overtones, It m eans simply being of uncertain sex. This definitely sums up Damien/Daphne. Who produces no eggs on the one hand, but doesn't crow on the other. S/he is such a curiosity Beloved and Granny may not decide to eat him/her for Christmas after all. Such a unique creature should be allowed to live, shouldn't it? She is very big and fat. Sometime Granny will try to put a photo up. Also one of Daisy.

All this emotional energy spent on chickens. What are Granny and Beloved coming to?

An even more minor concern; toast.

Granny to Beloved this morning: 'Why do make your toast so far in advance of everything?'

Beloved to Granny. 'Because that's how toast should be when you eat it; cold and hard.

Granny to Beloved: 'Yuk. Stale toast. I like mine hot.'

Beloved to Granny. 'Yuk soggy toast.'

Granny to Beloved 'What about hot buttered toast? Yummy.'

Beloved to Granny. 'I never did like hot buttered toast.. Yuk'

The rest of you. How do you like it?

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