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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Very small update: Granny is off tomorrow back to UK to greet new great-nephew - dead twin's second grandson, her honorary one. Also to take 3 little girls to the theatre - 2 granddaughters, one god-daughter. Separately. What a good granny she. Back in 2 weeks. Meantime, home at the ranch:

1. Poor Feline Houdini deteriorated and had to be operated on after all. He turns out to have a tumour - status not clear till next week; but operation went well and he's fine so far. (An expensive cat...)

3. Flowers are emerging all over. At least 1o species flowering or beginning to flower on Granny's land. When she comes back there will be many more. Rain is promised - a good sign as far as this is concerned.

4. It is cold. For here. But England promises to be a lot lot colder. On with the clothes, Granny. Shiver,,

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