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Thursday, June 08, 2006


The post will be brief; Granny is availing herself of London delights and going to the theatre this afternoon; courtesy of standby tickets for old farts like her, lumped alongside jobless, disabled and kids. (Make what you like of that list. Ageism or not she'll enjoy the benefits.)

Back on her island, Beloved is getting on with things. (Slight shudder from Granny.) Last night on the phone he said. 'Take me and Mr Handsome. We're both short of money, in debt. But I'm going to spend the next month working my guts out, he's going to spend it watching the World Cup.'

Granny bit her tongue. Having learned a little tact in her old age, she did not think it entirely wise to say that on this one she's all with Mr Handsome. Not so much for the World Cup, she hastens to add; but for his capacity to go for what he loves to do, no matter what, and hang the worries.

She said at last; very cautiously; 'I think there's something to be said for both you and Mr Handsome here. Even if you have got a lot to do, isn't it a good thing to put it aside and relax from time to time.' (Oh how tactful she is.)

Beloved wasn't buying this.

'He's like you," he went on (Granny earlier had been unwise enough to say she was going to see Mark Morris' new ballet, no matter what, even if it did happen in the middle of moving house.) 'Where's are your priorities?'

Granny did not answer this. Still less - that would have caused real trouble - did she point out that a lot of the hard labour Beloved has lumbered himself with is entirely of his own making.

"Daddy,' said his beloved daughter sighing during Granny's next phone conversation, 'Daddy can't leave anything alone. He has to keep changing things.'

Granny also sighs. She had managed to get some information out of her Beloved as to what he is doing. Some of it she approves. More she cannot see the point of. She quite liked the kitchen as it was. And, not least, the jobs that really need doing - in her view - painting the kitchen, for one, painting her office, for two - seem to be going right to the back of Beloved's queue.

Probably it's just as well she is forced to stay in London. Things might be getting argumentive back there.


But at least it leaves no time for acquiring donkeys. Or goats. Or buying more ruins with non-existent funds. (Another of Beloved's projects, did she say, doing up a ruin? There's a lot of ruins on their island. This one, fortunately - due to shortage of funds - is not likely to run and run.)

Hasta la vista.

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