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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yes everyone. This blog has fallen to pieces. Granny fell for the blandishments of New Blogger and went for the new form of her template. Result: all her links, comment system, hit counter etc etc, have disappeared. Oh yes, Blogger promises, you can access your old template and get codes etc.... like hell you can. Or if so the how is not clear; Blogger help denies all knowledge. So far Granny has managed to replace one picture...in the wrong place. If anyone has wrestled with the same problems... please help. (On the other hand - not via comments - via her email.)The air is blue with curses - all the more because telefonica has not been.....and the phone keeps throwing her off. Loud screams. AND LOUDER. Time for a strong drink.

Update...!! She got it all back. No further innovations for her. Relief all round

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Blogger Lin said...

If it's any consolation, I tried to switch at the urging of Blogger, but lacked the computer savvy to complete the switch. At the end, I just said f it...and stayed with the old format. I am thinking of switching though.

1:03 am  
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