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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Oh God - two guests arriving tonight. The weather's shit - AND WE HAVE NO WATER. Men putting in pipes just down the road are the suspected culprits. The one certainty is that our aljibe - well - water tank - whatever you call it - hasn't filled up as it should do from the mains and it is now empty. Guests will have to go dirty. And flush their loo with a strategically-place bucket filled up with somewhat chlorinated water from the jacuzzi.... Unless that is Mr Handsome can shout at someone and sort the situation out. His Spanish may sound like Blackburn but it's serviceable at least. Granny's would do at a pinch too, but workmen take more notice of other men in these parts. So do utility companies. So he'll try his first.

No water to water maize anyway.

BUT IT'S UP!! Here

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