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Friday, May 18, 2007


More zilch - between Beloved (now gone) grandchildren etc, friends, movies (four this trip, what decadence) lunches with ex-agents, etc etc, Granny has little time and little inclination to write. It's different back on her island... all those empty days; well, not exactly, what with goats, chickens, dogs, etc etc, but certainly calmer. Here one thing is exercising her mainly. What to do about the person who appears, endlessly, to be practising the didgiridoo, straight above her head? (Difficult person, she's told. Neighbour disputes are not what she's after.)

Well, person can do it all he/she likes now. Granny is off to have lunch with ex-publisher, followed, later, by dinner with ex-husband, and maybe a little retail therapy in between. That should sort out her if not the musician(?) upstairs. Who has just stopped. Sod's law.

It's sunny outside. If windy. Wow.

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