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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Health and Safety

A miscellany of Pembrokeshire; from pebbles to grannies, back and front...

Oh and two unrelated young: and a dog.....

A perfect holiday. Beaches birds bluebells primroses orchids - a solitary seal - and friends - and tired legs. One friend - nameless- accused two friends - nameless - of walking her off her feet.....but it was sedate enough really; most of the time. (This Granny is facing forward: she's the one wearing a cap.)

Pembrokeshire is a special place for her; one she retreats to when it matters. Years ago she spent four hours - by mistake, more or less - sitting on a gannet island, on top of collapsed puffin burrows, watching nesting gannets come and go, rubbing affectionate necks, beaks against their mates on each reappearance; an effecting sight.

This year on the days they enquired about it no boats were going out; too windy, the man in the kiosk said. Granny asked him if, when it wasn't too windy, people were still allowed to land among the gannets. 'Not any more. Health and Safety,' he said. 'What do you mean, Health and Safety?' asked Granny. 'Someone twisted an ankle among those puffin burrows. They SUED the national park. Noone's allowed to land on that island now..'

Beloved about to arrive, Granny makes no further comment on this one. She'll leave that to everyone else.

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