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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

THE - OR ONE - END: or Telling all

It's up here. You may notice that in bringing the book to an end, Granny has peered out from underneath her alias; she thought perhaps it was about time. Her real name may mean nothing to most - though it might mean more if you throw in 'Charlotte Sometimes' and top it up with 'The Cure' - but that's as it should be. For those who do know - well maybe she'll write more sometime about being the real her, or maybe she won't. She's quite bored with who she really is - aren't most people, by her age at least? Which doesn't mean she's bored with being alive as her - that's something quite different. Just bored with discussing it. So there you go. Into the woods one day; out of them the next. A perfect thing to do, perhaps, in a place where there are no woods, though the Demon Botanist from Granny's last post is having a go at resuscitating one from long ago up where he lives. That's why he's called the Demon Botanist. You'd do much better by Googling FOGG - his inspiration - than Googling Granny. Honest.

Beloved son and kids arrive today. Another - unrelated but close -family on Sunday. Granny is going to be busy. Off to the new market in the main town now. Toodle pip.

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