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Thursday, June 07, 2007

global warnings

The vet with the French name came saw conquered. Tumour no tumour merely an abscess. Lanced. Goat if not happy, less lumpy.

Wind having come weeks ago, went.

Sun having also gone weeks ago, came. So did the sea, so did the islands, all invisible for a week.

Granny was glad about these goings and coming; in relation to the sun, sea, islands, the relative lack of wind, relief and gratitude conquered, entirely,

In the short term, at least. She's hung out her washing in the sun. She's sat in her hammock.

On the other hand; she should really be feeling bad about her relief. The wind should still be coming; the sun in her part of her island should still be going. Such winds are called the Trade Winds, an important part apparently of the climate keeping the planet healthy. Granny read somewhere a few months back that the Southern Hemisphere version of the Trade Winds has diminished and that this is A BAD THING. It has been equally noticeable here that the summer weather over the past few years has grown less and less predictable. For the good of everyone the wind last week and today should have been blowing steadily from NNE at between 15 and 25 miles per hour. Rather than blasting from N or NW at up to 40 miles an hour, as up till yesterday, then diminishing to 10 mph and from the SSW as today.

Granny will enjoy her hammock with a glass of wine while it lasts. But she will also sit praying, dutifully, that things goes back to normal, for the good of the rest of you. She could also pray - if that happens - for a ticket back to England. But that would add - yet again - to her carbon footprint, wouldn't it? - her cf already quite high enough, given that her children, her grandchildren live on one island, her Beloved lives on another. No no no. She's returning for a school play in July anyway. She won't ask for yet another to-ing and fro-ing . Will she?

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