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Monday, June 18, 2007

Take off your party dress

A quick aside. If you go here: you will find yourself at Debi Alper's excellent blog. On June 15 - sorry, tried to take you directly there but didn't make it - Debi writes about Dina Rabinowitz' wonderful, very moving illuminating and witty book about her life with breast cancer Take off Your Party Dress. She is part of a chain who are sending the book round. If you felt like joining that - better still buying the book, please do. All profits go not to Dina but to building a new unit for breast cancer patients at Mount Vernon Hospital near London. She is hoping to raise £1 million. So far has made - brilliantly - over £37,000. Help her get nearer the goal! Thanks, friends.

Now cast your eyes downwards for something both ongoing - Granny hopes - and also COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

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