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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Granny is sighing/contemplating/struggling with thoughts of a new book. Going Mental has been further revised - considerably revised; you might notice it's gone from her sidebar and that's the reason. The editor friend whose comments led to this has pronounced on the new improved version. 'It's terrific' she says. New Improved version has now been sent off to unenthusiastic agent who hasn't yet pronounced on it - it's not surprising she lacks enthusiasm, given what she had to sell before, given dire state of publishing market which likes its characters/protagonists/authors young, glamorous and celebrated for nothing very much, often, except big tits and loud - sorry bubbly- laughs. Granny would oblige these ways if she could - how she would oblige - but alas she cannot turn back the clock, publishers will just have to take her as they find her: most likely won't. What fun.

Back to a similarly gloomy subject,the slaughter of goats. This has still more -bureaucratic - complications. Granny may like goat's milk ricotta but she doesn't like goat meat any more than publishers like sagas about the toothless mentally ill and she doesn't want to be involved in any way. Non-productive goats, on the other hand, are now consuming quantities of expensive fodder. "Pasture them on your land," says local friend. But Granny is not -NOT - having her wild flowers decimated: that's her one input here. The rest is Beloved's problem - they're his goats. Let's hope the pregnant goat's kids aren't both male.

Apart from the crop being a wild one, it's 'farmer and the cowboy can't be friends' all over again, it's Cain and Abel all over again, to go back quite a bit further. (Not that Beloved will be bringing out his cudgel. He doesn't mind the wild flowers and he is even fonder of of Granny than of his goats. And so, says she, he should be. After all she is fond of him too.)

Territory it's called. Speaking of which, there's a report in the Guardian today saying that Iraqi asylum seekers are now to be told to go home - 'it's safe enough now' - or be left destitute.

Granny doesn't usually do politics on this site. Even here - assuming the report is true - she will limit herself to expressing outrage. OUTRAGE.

We Brits are supposed to be decent people. But the asylum policy of our dear Government here and elsewhere is INDECENT. And worse. Much worse. Sending gays back to Iran. Sending the tortured back to places that tortured them. Imprisoning children. And now this. To hell with the Daily Mail.

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