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Thursday, March 06, 2008


Granny was a tagged a day or two ago by one of her favourite bloggers, Ruth of Meanwhile Here in France. She has to tell you seven of the weirder facts about herself: here goes. Not that they are that weird - Granny has led a very straight, not to say pure life, you will understand....as for the rest she' s not telling you....

1. She once curtseyed to the Queen wearing a flower-pot hat.

2. She once knocked a poor old woman over. (This was a nanny you understand, not hers, someone else's nanny, with whom she was having a little argument.) She also, aged 2, hit her twin over the head with a toy train. After that only soft toys were allowed. (The twin survived.) That's enough about her tendencies to aggression - except possibly for the time she emptied a can of peas over her then husband's head.
3. Aged 13 she had a crush on Valerie Hobson after seeing her in the King and I. (That was before VH's husband got involved with Christine Keeler.) Aged 60 0dd she has moved on and has a crush on Alan Rickman.

4, She was a vegetarian for years - but continued to have a craving for underdone calves liver. She isn't a vegetarian any more - not entirely - partly so she can satisfy this craving. She just hopes the former wearers of the liver haven't been kept in little boxes.

5. Up in the High Andes she was once 'cured' by a local healer of an ailment she didn't suffer from, wearing nothing but a pair of Marks and Spencers knickers. And no, she doesn't propose to explain the circumstances. It wasn't an entirely pleasant experience. Part of the cure involved being lightly whipped with some kind of stinging nettle.

6. She has never seen Snow White. Her mother said it was too frightening and she has never managed to catch up with it since. Perhaps that was why, inadvertently, she scared her own son to death by taking him to see Fantasia when he was eight: the dinosaurs dying of thirst in a drying-up world set him scouring newspapers for years after for articles that mentioned drought.

6. The first book she ever read to herself, aged 6, was Enid Blyton's tidied up version of Barbar. She supposes she should be grateful it wasn't EB's version of Oliver Twist. She can still see the grain of wood on the dining-table under which she lay at the time.

Now she has to tag 7 lucky people to take the challenge on. Oh dear, oh dear.

Let's go for the grandmothers first.
Lin of Dotty Nanna.
Granny Fiddler
of Past Imperfect
Maggie May
And now some parents.....
and one owner of a horse

And now you all can go away and curse her....xxx

OH DEAR. Granny did all this in a hurry. What she forgot to add was that you have to add a link to the person who tagged you, plus links to the seven lucky people you have to tag in your turn. OH WHAT JOLLY FUN.

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