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Friday, May 16, 2008

Blank notes

Blank blank blank. Skies cloudy - trade winds failing which brings up ever-present spectre of global warning - headlines in papers from China and Burma horrendous. At Granny's end, temporary excitements are over, stats have sunk back to normal torpor, no word on whether film option for Charlotte Sometimes is going through - a long story - or whether agent has actually submitted Going Mental to any publishers yet and if so which...... There's a limit to the amount of interested but not-too-hassling emails you can write to someone for whom you are never going to be the kind of milch cow agents - relatively new agents anyway, without a strong backlist - need these days.

So Granny waits in patience; not very patiently. Sadly too. Big Brother has relapsed and still lives out his final days in Andalucia, driving the workers in his hospice mad - so mad they sent him home at one point: Etonian arrogance doesn't go down well with otherwise patient Spanish nurses who get more than they want these days of non-Spanish speaking expats unsympathetic to their lack of English. Big Brother is very sick and very confused so not entirely to be blamed for bad behaviour; you could see it too as his version of not going gentle into that goodnight.... a phrase Granny concurs with mostly....but still. She herself is booked to go and see him again in early June; he might live that long, he might not. Meantime a lovely South African carer and BB's youngest daughter are with him, she is not needed. In fact she'd be in the way.

Now she sits listening to Robert Plant and Alison Krause - a beautiful CD sent her by Beloved son-in-law. Its mixture of jiggy and melancholy fits her mood better than classical music today. She is supposed to be working on something her agent wants her to work on - namely a book version of her blog - a very distant version it must be said. She is reluctant: ageing is tiresome enough - especially when people are dying all round you - without spending her entire life writing about it.

Still the little goat grows and jumps a lot, the bantams can't be stopped going broody meaning yet more bantams.... what to do with them? - and in 10 days Beloved Eldest Granddaughter and Beloved God-daughter are coming for a half-term break, which will be interesting. Very.

Oh and Eldest Granddaughter is now lead singer in an otherwise all boy band - of 12 year olds - singing songs they write themselves: she's the lyricist: songs about obsessive/freaky boyfriends, wouldn't you know - except at twelve the idea of a freaky boyfriend is one with a ring in his nose....thank god for that. They've even won a prize!! - which means a session in a studio recording their songs. Granny hopes EG is not going to turn into Bristol's answer to Amy Winehouse - well not in certain respects. Let's see. For the moment this news really does cheer her up. In due course she'll even get to hear the songs....she will report.

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