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Friday, May 09, 2008

Hundreds and Thousands

Odd thing the internet. Granny whose blog stats are usually modest has suddenly, by her standards, been inundated by hits. More than two thousand since this time yesterday. Now she knows that is NOTHING compared to sites like Petite Anglaise which attract 30,000 hits a day, but it is still a lot for her. Judging by the comments which have also come pouring in it all relates again to Charlotte Sometimes - someone somewhere with much bigger readership than hers has put in the link. Granny cannot establish where but she has discovered in the course of this that there is an American pop singer called Charlotte Sometimes who  calls herself that specifically because she loved the book and the Cure song, both. And that there was once a rock group in Wales called Charlotte Sometimes too; now alas it is defunct. There is also a film called Charlotte Sometimes which in subject and story seems to have no connection whatever to her book; but maybe the title was taken from the song: who knows.

Granny thinks back to when she first thought up the title for her book. She  can't remember doing it exactly, but it probably came in the night, just like that - most of her good titles do. But it wasn't altogether liked at first. An early reviewer liked the book a lot all except the title which she dismissed as 'coy.' Well never mind that, given what's happened to the title since. 'You should have trade-marked it,' Beloved says. 'Trade mark a title?' asks Granny. 'I mean - you just don't. It would be a waste of money. And, anyway, most titles turn up all over the place on different books.'

But this one hasn't. Whim or not, coy or not, here it still is. While Granny herself who has spent the week processing tomatoes - sauce, pickle, chutney - why when you grow stuff does it all come AT ONCE- feeling rather like her domesticated mother rather than her undomesticated self - doesn't feel like  a writer just now AT ALL. 

Not that she minds being reminded she was a writer once. Maybe, one day, she will be a writer again.

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