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Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy week..

Foggy this morning - another instance (frequent) of all the weather reports getting this island totally wrong. It's not supposed to be sunny as the fog lifts either; but it is. And the wind is supposed to be briskish - and from the north east. It's far from brisk; and from the south west.

What is predictable is Semana Santa - the festivals have come thick and fast this year - the 3 Kings followed hot foot by carnival, now to be followed by Easter. Hard for everyone to keep up, in a place where everything and everyone turns on religious festivals; - even if that does mean, for many, an excuse to get pissed. What is predictable - school is always out through Holy Week and many people take it off too - is that the campers are lined up down at the mudflats at La Santa, rather disrupting Granny's daily trips there with the Beautiful Wimp. The birds aren't that keen on the campers either, but the BW loves them - campers mean garbage bags and he is a greedy dog: hard to persuade him that trying to catch fish is as interesting as smelly garbage -as far as he's concerned, it's no contest.

One piece of good news as far as Granny is concerned; the local cheese factory will take unwanted goats- so maybe slaughterer's knife will remain unbloodied and Beloved will have to remain without leg of goat for his dinner. Granny's heart bleeds for him (sort of) even if the goat isn't going to. What a relief.

On the other other hand it looks like she's going to be without a car from now on, sharing Beloved's truck with him - a rather cheaper arrangement. Might that lead to blood after all then - on the floor? Let us see.

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