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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

catch up

Sorry everyone. Granny is not in terminal decline - other than, currently, jet-lag- the result of three glorious weeks in the USA, enjoying trees of all kinds -to make up for the lack of them on her island - enjoying friendship, CULTURE (you know how big she is on that one) landscape, politics, god knows what else, in any order you like from Albuquerque to California, north and south, ending in New York. She alternated between quiet times - starting with wandering along the Rio Grande in New Mexico and hanging about among cotton woods, thereby renewing her old love affair with New Mexico - and hectic ones - especially the last few days, renewing an even older love affair - but how could New York be anything else but hectic? Though she did have some quiet wanders even there amid trees -still more trees -in Central Park close to where she was staying. Is there any other big city, anywhere, with a forest slap in the middle? Because that's what CP is, she realised, a forest - even to the ponds threaded through it. She never realised this before: it wasn't safe to wander about Central Park on previous visits. The evil Mr Rudy Giuliani does have something to say for himself after all, making it safe for her and everyone else, Granny thinks: though she does wonder what happened to the sad, now mostly tidied away bums.

No, she is not going to write much more here. Too much to do and recover from. Beloved has a cold coming, the goat is off to be serviced by the billy, the billy's owner presented him with a large bag full of almost over-ripe quinces which have to processed today (by guess who) or they will GO OFF, the rain has been falling more than usual at this time of year, etc, etc, etc: oh and Granny has been watching the latest presidential debate online, etc, etc, etc. (As she kept telling everyone in the US, curious at her intense interest in that matter, 'if you lot sneeze we all get flu'.... a fact illustrated by what's happening this morning in the money and stock markets. Interesting how heartland Americans - she talked to some of them on train journeys - don't get that. At all. No, folks, it's not just a matter of American pockets, American politics, American foreign policies - what you do affects all of us out there in the wider world. US elections 'r us too. And How. Sarah Palin, in particular, is currently chilling Granny's blood. Do you think anyone would notice if we Brits reached across and quietly substituted Michael - in wig and lipstick? Just asking. That's all.)

Some of you folks, of course, in there, and with votes, unlike her, she spent - wonderful -time with. She will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks thanks thanks for now. Meantime, take care. Big hugs to you and everyone.... 'Sta luego..

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