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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Two in a day - shows how functional I've been. And how solipsistical. Looked up to see if this site had got into Google - it hadn't of course - but came across a version of grannyp that hadn't occurred to this older? innocent....grannyporn only the beginning of it. Looked up some of the free offers - um, um, not appalled - not shocked - just bored - endless genital insertions into any orifice pretty soon palls. I mean after all these years I know all about my own and quite a lot about other people's. Topped by grey hair so what. Fun it doesn't look. It isn;t. Have had to cleanse the computer in case beloved got more info/stroke messages than he wanted.

No hot tub. Hit the wrong buttons and it stayed cold. Beloved and painter wrestling with fishing-rods out front. Definitely a man thing; not like the above except in the obvious figurative sense. But I am no fish. Cold or otherwise. Slogit.

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