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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Granny's spirits up: wind down, sun up - sunny all yesterday afternoon. She and Beloved swimming 3 days in a row helps.

All the maize fields now have neat heaps of brown/yellow stalks in rows. Field next door is burning something on the other side of the wall; looks like vine cuttings - can't think why at this time of year, unless it was that so much had to be pruned because of the extra growth caused by the rain earlier in the year. Grapes ripening. The harvest should be at the end of this month; given the oddity if this year's weather who knows? The Canarians complain about it. Crops have been burnt by recent high winds. Can't think what crops - there don't seem to be many now, in the dry season, but that's what I'm told. My citrus trees don't like it for sure; all still pretty leafless but have also been told they never stop sulking for a year or two after planting here - and to judge from the wood they are still pretty much alive. Let's see. My nasturtiums also pretty much alive and re-seeding themselves, despite reported depredations of small green caterpillars. Olive trees also look healthy enough. Are growing. Good. Wonder if we can make olive oil in due course. Will have to consult Granadian CID man who knows about such things.

Listening to Bach organ music on Spanish radio; we are due to get Broadband - ASDL here - in two weeks or so; at last. (Not doubt there will be teething problems...) Means I can listen to Radio Three - or Spanish Radio Clasica - at all times of day, without adding to the phone bill or disabling phone; what bliss. Not sure Beloved quite sees it that way, so compromises will have to be made. He's off now down to bank, shop, see attic woman etc, which gives me morning to myself - and the music!

Yesterday we spent much time watching ITN and Channel4 news re Butler report. Much as expected - at least as far as exonerations are concerned - Blair still grinning, saying he believes what he did was RIGHT- never mind that without the evidence it was ILLEGAL.

Think about my dad a lot. Why did he have a moustache all his life, particularly after Hitler? Black line across his upper lip. He looked much more handsome as 18year old without it. Better once grey too. Till seeing all the pictures forgot how thin he used to be too. Family albums haven't yet come up with snaps of him in Homburg hat, waisted overcoat, umbrella, briefcase setting off down drive every morning. (Realised where it all came from on seeing Soames Forsyte in first TV adaption of the Forsyte Saga.) Nor have I seen back and front of my mother in same driveway riding the Corgi scooter they bought her to save money on car costs. (Both of them were always desperate about money; spending everything they had on our expensive educations.) Both 20 if not 30 years younger than I am now, heartbreakingly enough.

My uncommunicative father came up behind me in his front doorway while my second marriage was breaking up, put his hands on my shoulders and said softly he was sorry I was having such a hard time. In the middle of all the irritation at his geriatric obstinacy about other things. I can't forget that. He did learn things my old dad.


Enough of nostalgia. Work.

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